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Frontal View of Childrens World Montessori School






Children’s World Bilingual Montessori was started by Maria de Leon in September, 2001. Maria was the founder of Children’s World Bilingual Montessori in Ashland, Oregon in 1984. She sold the school to her teachers in 2000 and moved to Alaska to marry her husband.

Maria bought what we call today “the old house,” and made it into what is today the Pre-Kindergarten classroom (main floor) and the office (basement.) In September 2001, the school opened with 8 teachers, 48 children and 2 programs: Preschool and Toddler.

In 2004, we rented from Jewel Lake Parish 2 classrooms for 15 more toddlers and 5 teachers. In 2008, we rented 2 extra classrooms for 20 more toddlers and preschoolers.

In 2010, we bought the next door lot and built the “North Building” where we moved our Preschoolers and Older Toddlers from Jewel Lake Parish.

In 2011, we started our Infant Program in the Calvary Church with 2 classrooms and 12 Infants. We have now 3 classrooms, 20 infants and 7 teachers.

Finally, our dream of having an indoor gym became a reality in 2015 when we were able to build the “South Building.” This building gave us the opportunity to convert the lower floor of the North Building into our Indoor Gym, 1500 sq. ft. of beautiful space, for our children to play.






Our program is based on the Montessori philosophy of self-paced learning within a structured environment.
The Montessori Method was created in the early 1900’s by an Italian physician, psychologist and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori Method is often described as an “Education for life.” Dr. Montessori felt the goal of childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from a preselected course of studies, but rather to cultivate his/her own natural desire to learn. This is done in a scientifically prepared environment, one that is designed to cultivate the child’s own natural curiosity and love for learning.

Like Maria Montessori, we believe that children possess an “Absorbent Mind,” a mind ready to absorb a second language (Spanish) and the rich environment (Montessori) surrounding them. We provide a diversity of materials and areas where children choose freely and work and learn at their own pace, hands on. In this non-competitive environment, mistakes are treated as learning opportunities. Montessori teaches children responsibility, independence, and respect for self, others and the environment.

We are committed to provide children with environments that are safe, loving, age appropriate, esthetically appealing and that are conducive for our children to grow cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.



The Montessori classroom is divided into 6 areas:




4.Practical life

5.Cultural Subjects and Natural Science


The Montessori Education provides children with tools to develop:

•A sense of order •Self-direction
•Cooperation •Independence
•Enthusiasm for learning •Fine motor skills
•Responsibility •Social skills
•Ability to focus •Increased attention span
•Ability to lead and follow •Ability to lead and follow
•Self-confidence •Positive self esteem
•Self-regulation •Pride on their work



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