Volunteer Hours

At Children’s World, we rely on our parents, teachers and administrative staff, and the community to help our school and our children shine. We look to parents and staff to participate in events, educational opportunities, and classroom support roles throughout the year. With this, we ask that parents volunteer 10 hours of service to Children’s World each school year. This is a commitment that our families make for each of their children in attendance, and we try to provide many different forms and avenues for participation. Volunteer service can be fulfilled by participating in classroom events, sharing a special project or story that your family loves, assisting teachers with material prep, building and ground maintenance, and other various classroom support.

While we greatly appreciate having parents connect with our school in their volunteer hours, we also understand that some families have busy schedules. Because of this, families can choose to substitute volunteer hours with donation. You are welcome to donate supplies to your children’s classrooms accompanied with a receipt at an exchange of $10 for each hour. Families can mix and match donations and volunteer time as well. For example, $40 worth of supplies and 6 hour of service.

The volunteer hours/donations that we ask of our families are based on the child’s attendance schedule
  1. Attends 5 days: 1o hours or $100
  2. Attends 3 or 2 days: 7 hours or $75

These hours/donations will be recorded during the traditional school year (August-May). We ask that all hours or donations be completed by May.

Each classroom will have a running list of volunteer opportunities as well as supplies that families can donate. The Lead Teacher of your child’s class will help you keep track of your volunteer service and your donations throughout the year.

We are grateful to each families’ dedication to our school and to their child’s education, and we hope that you will enjoy connecting with your child’s classroom and being directly involved in their education.