Listed Below is a table of our monthly tuition’s for our various classes and schedules. Tuition payments are due by the 5th of each month. Your child’s monthly tuition will be determined by the classroom that they are enrolled in. Please note that there will be a tuition change starting the 1st of September 2018. Please see secondary table.

Summer Camp Program  

We also have a Summer Camp program for students who enroll in elementary education during the fall (generally students ages 6-8). This class is in session from June 1st to August 31st, however the dates can vary depending on the School Districts schedule. The tuition and schedule options for the Summer Camp are the same as the options listed above for Preschool and Pre-K.

Choosing Months of Attendance

If you decide to stay with us through the summer months (June-August) your child will automatically be enrolled to continue classes.

However, if you choose to not stay with us through the summer, you may either pay a Summer Reservation fee to guarantee your child’s placement for continuing with us come September, or you may put your child on the September waitlist. Please note that a waitlist placement does not guarantee re-enrollment on your preferred date.

Monthly Summer Reservation Fee (June-August)
  • Reserve a 5-day placement: $250 per month
  • Reserve a 3-day placement: $100 per month
  • Reserve a 2-day placement: $75 per month


Besides the monthly tuition rate for your child, we do have other associated fees and payments. These, along with your child’s tuition, support Children’s World Bilingual Montessori by helping to fund teacher education and advancement, providing new Montessori works, materials and supplies to our classrooms, to help us bring in guest speakers and to take our older classrooms on field trips into the community, and to help us keep Children’s World a bright, beautiful and safe space for all of our students.

School Fees
  • One Time Application fee: $50 per child
  • Holding fee (If a placement can be guaranteed): $100
  • Fall Material fee (September-May): $100
  • Summer Material fee (June-August): $75
  • Late tuition payment (after the 5th of the month): $20


Extended Hours & Late Pickups

Late Pickups: For any late pick-up after our closing hours (5:30pm) the first 5 minutes’ result in a charge of $10, and $1 for every additional minute

Extended Hours: For any other drop-offs or pick-ups outside of a child’s normal schedule, the charge is $7 per hour. This pro-rates to $1.75 for up to 15 minutes, $3.50 for up to a half hour, etc.