We are so very thankful for Children’s World. All the teachers are so caring and helpful. Our son has learned so much with them!

~ Anonymous

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm.

Soft music, soft lighting and the wonderful staff provided a safe place for my infant. Over the years she has grown with Children’s World. The teachers have been kind, encouraging and inspirational to my daughter. They helped her grow into the smart and kind, young lady she has become.

~ Jill B.

Children’s World Bilingual Montessori has my heart.

It balances the Montessori Method with a nurturing spirit. My daughter is happy and eager to see her friends, she learns Spanish and other amazing things, but more than that, she learn to be a wonderful person – grace, courtesy, kindness, love, friendship – those are important pieces of life to me.

All the teachers and also the office staff are wonderful people who bring their own gifts. I trust them with my daughter because they love her and guide her in a truly meaningful way.

I could not ask for a better Montessori environment. I am continually astounded by the level of reading, writing, math, and creativity I see the children at CWBM demonstrating. The fact that they have accomplished so much at such a young age while being so engaged and loving everything about what they are doing is remarkable.

I looked at a large number of Montessori programs in Anchorage and I could not be happier with the choice I ended up making. From the moment we toured this school, it was clear that this is a truly special place.

~Alicia N.


Both of our kids (son & daughter) have started in the Infant program and grown up at CWBM and we love it!

Thanks for all the love, compassion, and for creating a wonderful learning environment for our children.

~Amanda L


Riley absolutely LOVES his teachers in the Infant Program!

I feel so comfortable leaving him in such good hands while I am at work. I am so thankful that we could find such an amazing daycare option for our son.

~Nicole W.

Our son has learned so much in his first year and has had such wonderful teachers!

~Amanda K.


I always feel calm and confident

when I drop my son off at CWBM, knowing he is receiving the best, loving care. Thank you CWBM for all that you do!

~Brenna P.


Our daughter has been attending CWBM for over 2 years-

She loves coming to school and she comes home eager to share what she has learned that day, We are thankful for the many wonderful teachers she has had over the years.

~Tara A.


Our toddler attended Children’s World in the baby toddler class.  She acclimated very well and was right at home within the first few days of starting there. 

The teachers are all warm and loving, making me feel like this was the best place for her to learn and grow.  They greeted us with their “Buenos dias” song each morning and made sure that she was comfortable and occupied with a Montessori work upon arrival. Our 19-month-old daughter now says basic worlds in Spanish, and can point to various body parts when prompted in Spanish!

~Karen C.