Here at Montessori we care for 6 different age levels and so, accordingly, we maintain a highly trained staff.

Each staff member completes 24 hours of training annually and are encouraged to continue their early education advancement. Our staff members education includes early childhood education and development, safety, emergency response, food safety and preparation, and the Montessori Method. All of our Head Teachers have received their Montessori Certification through the National Association Montessori Center.

Our Montessori trained Education Director observes and monitors all of our classrooms to help build and guide curriculum, advance our teachers techniques and resources, and provide a strong contact point for parents interested in our classrooms academics.

Of course, an important part of a Bilingual Montessori school are the bilingual skills of our teachers

Our students are introduced to the Spanish language through common usage throughout the day. The majority of our staff are bilingual (Spanish-English) and so students are exposed to Spanish through common conversation and English and Spanish being used side by side. We also provide a variety of activities including story time and songs where the children are exposed to both languages.

Our teachers come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, providing our students with a rich perspective of different cultural traditions, interaction, and language.

In our classrooms, we also have several teachers who are completely fluent in English. This allows for the children to start recognizing English words along with their Spanish counterparts. It also fosters easy communication between teachers and parents.