We offer the following programs at three locations, all closely located on Jewel Lake Road

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Montessori in the Classrooms

In our classroom, our head teachers are all trained in the Montessori method, and through their guidance, all our teachers follow the Montessori philosophy of education.

We keep our class sizes small and our ratios low so that our students have a strong support system with teachers who are able to provide close attention and care.  Being a Bilingual Spanish Immersion school, Spanish is an integral part of our curriculum and so children hear it throughout the day. The staff is mostly bilingual (Spanish-English) and our teachers introduce Spanish through songs, games, instructions, greetings and special lessons during group activities and circle time.

During the free Montessori Learning times, children play and explore throughout their classroom. Each classroom is divided into 6 learning areas reflecting traditional Montessori Method: Language, Math, Sensorial, Practical Life, Cultural Subjects and Natural Science, and Art.

In our younger classrooms, we focus strongly on social and emotional development. Teachers interact with students to build independence, foster positive responses and to help the children to reach developmental milestones.

In our older classrooms, we focus more directly on academic skills, highlighting working with numbers, letters, words, colors, shapes and more. We use the Montessori Method to provide different activities for our students to choose from where each shelved activity helps the child develop specific skill sets. All these shelved activities are frequently changed with student’s development and interests to keep them cognitively engaged, while our standards in student interaction, both with the materials and each other, help develop their social and emotional skills.

For the rates and schedules available for each of our programs, please refer to our tuition chart.

Our Infant Classroom (3 rooms)

  • Age Range: 6 weeks to 11 months
  • Ratio: 1:3 when possible, max 1:4
  • Total children in class: 20

Our Baby Toddler Classroom (2 rooms)

  • Age Range: 12 months to 18 months
  • Ratio: 1:4 when possible, max 1:5
  • Total children in class: 16

Our Younger Toddler Classroom (2 rooms)

  • Age Range: 18 months to 30 months
  • Ratio: 1:5 when possible, max 1:6
  • Total children in class: 24

Our Older Toddler Classroom (2 rooms)

  • Age Range: 30 months to 42 months
  • Ratio: 1:6
  • Total children in class: 30

Our Preschool Classroom (2 rooms)

  • Age Range: 3.5  to 4.5 years
  • Ratio: 1:8 when possible, 1:10 max
  • Total children in class: 30

Our Pre-K Classroom (1 room)

  • Age Range: 4.5 to 6 years
  • Ratio: 1:8 when possible, max 1:10
  • Total children in class: 32

Our Summer Program

  • Age Range: 6 to 8 years
  • Ratio: 1:8 when possible, max 1:10
  • Total children in class: 20