If you are considering enrolling your child with us, the process goes as follows:

  1. Schedule a tour. Please call or email us to set up a tour. During the tour, we get to meet you and your child and tell you all about our classrooms and our school. This also allows your child to interact with the classroom and see if the program will be a good fit for him or her.
  2. Application. If after the tour, you would like to apply for our program, simply fill out an application form (which we will give to you at the end of the tour) and turn it into our office with the non-refundable $50 application fee. At this time your child will be placed on their prospective programs wait list.
  3. Enrollment Packet. As soon as an opening becomes available for your child we will call you to come pick up your enrollment packet. The packet includes our policies, a list of what items to bring on the first day, a child’s history form, physical and immunization records, etc. We try to call families a minimum of two weeks in advance so that you will have time to complete this packet.
  4. Once we have received the packet fully completed, and the first tuition payment has made along with any relevant material fees, your child may then start attending their program.

Wait lists and What Affects Them

When a child is placed on a wait list, you will receive an estimate of when a placement for them will most likely become available. You will receive a call from us when your placement is available, but please feel free to call us and check in.

When we give estimates, we try to take into account not only how many children are on the current waiting list, but also movement within the program. Children who are already enrolled have priority to make schedule changes, which can affect our wait lists in either direction. Siblings of children who are already enrolled also have priority placement. This is a service to our families who are already enrolled so that siblings are able to attend one school and maintain a similar schedule.

A child’s movement into the next program level also affects our wait list.  We don’t base our movements singularly on age, but instead take into account their social/emotional development, their achievement of the class milestones, and their academic advancement. We can track how a child is doing and make an estimate on when they will continue to the next program.

With these three variables: schedule changes, sibling preference, and student’s movement, we try our best to give you a practical estimate. However, please bear with us and understand that our estimates are flexible depending on our current students and families.

We schedule tours Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

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