Lunch & Snack


Starting in our Baby Toddler Program through to out Pre-K program, we ask that each child bring their own lunch. State licensing requires that each child who is bringing their lunch must have their lunch box labeled with the child’s name, as well as the date. We suggest that you use a name tag or permanent marker to label you child’s name. For labeling the date, we’ve found that masking tape and permanent marker offer a quick non-permanent solution. State licensing also asks that parents do not use plastic bags for a substitute lunch box as they can be a hazard, and to not use a paper bag as it is not a assured way of containing a child’s lunch (ripping, etc). All foods that need temperature control require an insulated lunch bag and a cool pack.

In the Infant program, parents are asked to bring in bottles or solid foods depending on their child’s eating stage. We have a fridge and freezer as well as dry cupboards as storing options for your child’s meals. We ask that parents take back all used bottles and personal dishware at the end of the day to clean and refill.



In each classroom (with the exception of our Infant Program), we have a monthly snack calendar. Each day has a few food items listed. We ask that each parent sign up for one day a month to provide these snack items to the classroom. These food items come together to provide a healthy variety of snacks for our students throughout the month.